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» The briefing cycle from Right-Half Chow
I've been there a couple of times in the last years, and I still haven't found a universal solution. Stopping the quest for the almighty holy grail seems to be the best idea: some pretty recognisable observations on the briefing [Read More]



I was looking for an agency to represent us a while back. Some agencies came back and said "you are mad" other came back and said "best brief ever". Would you like to see it?


Bless you for that. You make me sound quite coherent.

When I was planning director at w+k in portland I was summoned to a meeting with all the partners and creative directors - ie about 20 people (19 of them creatives) who were trying to decide why the creative work wasnt as good as it should have been. (A constant discussion at w+k). Within 5 minutes it was decided that the problem was the quality of the creative briefs (ie it was my fault - or at least the fault of the people in my department). It was then that I really realised that I wasn't a Planning Director at all, I was a Planning Shop Steward.

In this instance I thought the simplest strategy was to nod and agree, they really just wanted to vent. So I agreed to changing the briefing form. We made the font of the subheads on the briefs two points bigger, and the font of the body copy on the brief one point smaller. That seemed to make them all happy. In the next meeting they blamed TV production.

I only mention this to agree with your point that the 'it's the creative briefs' conversation will always be with us. There's no point fighting it.

We all know that the real magic of a briefing happens in conversation and relationships, what goes on the bit of paper doesn't matter. So just don't worry about it.


I hate the term 'creative brief'. It doesn't even reflect the process and if i see another brief which asks "What one thing...".

There is nothing brief about selling a clients product.


Russell is correct. It is the briefing that is far more important than the brief. The brief allows you to type out thoughts, facts and opinions, but it is the briefing conversations and debates that inspire creative teams to take license with a brief that is usually more informative than inspirational.


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Anyway, it's all fine and good for me to natter on about briefs, how about everyone else's experience? How about some creative people speak up - what do you like/hate in a brief? Tell us your opinions, leave a comment.


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We all know that the real magic of a briefing happens in conversation and relationships, what goes on the bit of paper doesn't matter. So just don't worry about it.

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Many creative marketing projects get underway without a clear sense of expectations between a nonprofit’s marketing and organizational leadership, and the creative folks (whether in-house or freelance) delivering it. The result? An extended and expensive creative development process with many revisions – not to mention chewed-up nails, bruised egos and depleted momentum.



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