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Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide have beat the agency world to the punch by being the first to major agency to set up shop in Second Life. And good for them! It doesn't matter if there is even a practical use for [Read More]

» Social Media: Commercialization Ramps Up from Emergence Media
Commercialization: The Leo Burnett Office on Second Life Introduction: Social Media Gentrification? Or Maturing Market? Commercialization of any new frontier is usually something between ambivelence to protest by the first movers into a... [Read More]

» Millions of Us Plants a Tree for Leo Burnett from Millions of Us
Its been a crazy few weeks so much so that sometimes we forget to blog about interesting client releases. Last Tuesday, as we were preparing for the launch of CNETs headquarters in Second Life, we were also frantically preparing ... [Read More]


David Armano

"if only to get people around the company participating in social networking and seeing what it's all about - you can only learn so much by reading about it. "

Good for you! I think what you are doing here is great. Experience is the best teacher indeed.


What do you guys do in there exactly?



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Companies that grasp these new opportunities, or provide the tools for others to do so, will prosper.

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