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Charles Frith

I sat opposite people who merrily ticked anywhere that sped up the process for Strongbow cider during quantitative research a while back Jason.

Some people implied that as they drank more the veracity of their answers diminished.

I sprinted through my questionnaires and didn't even drink my taste/test pints.

Crap research and crap Cider. If Strongbow marketing or their research agency had the courage they'd ask me what I observed in Croydon Walkabout PUb some months back.

I dare them.

No. I double dare them.

I like pulp fiction.

Max Kalehoff


The problem probably isn't one of online, nor is it an issue of eroding response rates. The core problem is one of relevance and value. If more research were relevant and provided value back to participants, then more people would be participating. It's pure economics and incentives.


John Dodds


You observed that the room went kinda spinny after your first sip - this is not an insight just your metabolism!

Jason Oke

Max - that's exactly it. The same thinking that we do for communications around experience, engagement, utility and creating value needs to be applied to market research as well. Otherwise we're all in trouble.

Charles - That's awesome. I think all market researchers should be forced to actually participate in some market research from time to time - both to experience how boring and painful the process is, and to watch others laughing and skipping through the questionnaire.


Come on Charles - what happened in the Walkabout - apart from the usual debauchery that is?

Did all the respondents make up their results unsupervised? We need to know!

And what were you doing hanging around in Croydon in the first place? Had you been to IKEA?

Charles Frith


If your recall was as lucid as mine you would know that I then met up with you at The Commercial Tavern later that evening although I was with some of my fellow ex HHCL people most of the night.

I did see you in talking to Faris. Hand on hip. Your usual style :)

Hi Lee. I'm thinking it deserves a post on its own this topic. Farcical research masquerading as science.


If you think about it's not online as the methodology, it's the whole research process. Postal, telephone, are the worst as how can you engage someone via these methods, at least with online and perhaps F2F (if the research had the money spent on it that it deserved)you can include an element of engagement (i.e. flash pictures, audio, video) with the respondent making the process that much more enjoyable, therefore creating a response rather than bordem. The data on panels is probably right, but even here companies are moving away from panels, e.g. companies over in the US (like Greenfield) use a Real Time Sampling technology, which is a live river of traffic negating the same people taking part, therefore no panel bias. I don't think you can relate advertising to research as advertising does not engage the respondent at all.


Excellent and challenging points. I work in market research and I think one of our challenges is to create relationships with clients whereby the researchers have the final say. If not, the quality of the research is in the hands of someone who isn't (and shouldn't be) an expert on asking questions.

The Ad Contrarian

For more about the problems of on-line research, see "Research or Baloney" at http://adcontrarian.blogspot.com/2007/08/research-or-baloney.html

Charles Frith

I think you might like this.


Gavin Heaton

I am not really a fan of research (online or off). Certainly not in isolation or in an interruption mode. As Max says, it's about participation ... finding a way of allowing people the opportunity to participate in a measurable brand experience is likely to yield actionable insight.

Kathryn Korostoff

Research quality is a huge issue for the entire MR industry. Qual or quant. Results need to be triangulated against other data sources--a step many customers choose to skip (and from their perspective, it is understandable: I just spent $100k on some data and now I have to check it against other data sources?). B2B surveys are particularly challenged by low response rates and poor respondent quality these days.

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I think the problem's that people don't believe in the transparency of these surveys that make them so hard!


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Results need to be triangulated against other data sources--a step many customers choose

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I am not really a fan of research (online or off). Certainly not in isolation or in an interruption mode

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