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Rich Tseng

Whatever the usefulness of newspaper ads, it doesn't seem like it'll stay useful for long. If I were buying media the only place I'd want my ads would be on the front page, and then you could think of it as outdoor since it'll get more attention from stands and boxes.

I just read the Star a couple hours ago and I honestly can't recall a single product, let alone an interesting ad inside. What I do remember is the attachment to the front page--cottage real estate and cars.

Account Deleted

I didn't even consider that. With print media slowly fading away, this won't even be a topic of discussion in 10 years.

Instead we'll be gripeing about video pre-roll ads and whatever the hell a catfish ad is...

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I guess those are good points to consider, however that can't be the case all the time otherwise people wouldn't run full page ads. Am I right? I would say it depends on WHO is running the advertisement, and how hot the niche is.

Can't believe that a full page ad for say ... the Iphone would have been a waste of money. that is just my perspective.


Totally agree. Those full media buyers:p

Nice work by the way;)


Honestly, a full page ad will catch my eye just because it’s, well there. I may or may not read the ad, depending on what it is for. In my opinion, with where the newspaper industry is headed combined with the cost associated for a full page ad, I don’t think it’s worth it.

Promotional Products

You make some good points here. I think that a full page newspaper ad makes readers notice and it stands out a little bit more. However, I would like to know the difference between a full page newspaper ad and an online pop up add, which has better results.

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How much does it cost to put an ad in the newspaper?
in orosi california? me & my friend what to put a babysitting business & we wanna kinda put ourselves out there you know

Mitchell Marketing

The fact is newspaper advertising is a great media buy if you buy it at the right price. We spend 100k a month. We have a direct response ad and we receive an average 3 to 1 return on our newspaper advertising dollars. The fact is if your demographic is 50+ newspaper ads are the holy grail.

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They read the articles and (at best) skim the ads and not the other way around. If the ad isn't in or near the content, it will be completely ignored.

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They read the articles and (at best) skim the ads and not the other way around. If the ad isn't in or near the content, it will be completely ignored.

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yes, there are many newspapers which abuse with ads

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