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Today people are lining up to purchase disposable furniture from IKEA & disposable clothes (a la H&M & ZARA)so I'm not surprised that the trend has gone to running shoes.

I'm disappointed that they are not going to advertise, because I'd like to see how they speak to the economics of the product + the performance ability. Either way, we'll get to see how open the consumer is to bringing these two worlds together. IKEA, H&M & ZARA all speak to "high fashion" but it's of the day - no one is arguing that these products are going to last (or are that great to begin with). But to try and merge the price + performance... it's an interesting proposition.

Speaking of which, "The Parachute" by Sinclair Dumontais speaks to exactly this proposition - with shoes. I recommend the book, it's a satirical look at marketers today & the world of R&D. Looks like Sinclair's joke has become a reality.


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