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Hi, Okay so I'm getting my haircut before school starts && I'm not sure what haircut to get...
I have light brown hair about 2-3 inches below my shoulders.
I have an oval shaped face.
I don't want to cut a lot off my hair.
If you need anymore information just ask =)

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Waiting for story continue.

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A myriad of fires light the night
  From our camp on the river bank.
  The shrieking snowstorm breaks my dream
  Of my peaceful, tranquil home.

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Pitching agencies are suggested to include a video of the team, I really like it, I want to read more information about it!

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Publicity and notoriety are fine, and trying something different in a pitch is a time-honored tradition, but is tons of negative commentary really what you want when you're trying to impress a new client? Judging by the vast majority of comments, this is not putting them in a good light, and not making them look like someone you'd want to work with. I don't believe they really thought through what they were doing.

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They take the "any press is good press" angle, and claim to have started a debate in the industry about what exactly makes something viral. "Let’s just say we wanted to prove how we could reach our target audience at the lowest possible cost." Which is fine - after all, I'm discussing it - but to be honest it all comes across as a bit lame and desperate, like they're trying to recover and spin the whole thing.

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