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garth breaks

In describing "Kapitaal" you observe that the film made you "..realize how much visual noise we're surrounded by all the time".
I think it's important for those in the ad industry to acknowledge their contribution to this problem - it's not "how much visual noise we're surrounded by all the time", but rather, how much visual noise we're helping to create (all the time).
I'm not suggesting we'd be better off living in an ad free utopian commune, but owning up to both the pros and cons of the industry will hopefully help to establish a proper balance.

Just my two cents.

Jason Oke

Totally agree.

Actually, there's been a fair amount of debate and discussion around this industry in the last while around this issue. While marketers have been encroaching on public spaces for a long time (in response to the declining effectiveness of mass media), a backlash has started up in some corners of the industry.

More about it here:

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