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Paul McEnany

While it's probably understandable that whatever client couldn't see the connection, it also gets lost way too often that we should have a higher goal in what we do. Make people feel good, or happy, and even if there's not an immediate brand connection, you'll be rewarded for it in the end. Maybe it's not optimal, but it's better than running direct mail coupons every other week.

Anyway, I just found the blog a few days ago, and thought I'd let you guys know that I'm enjoying it.




I don't think it's a stretch to say that bubble wrap is one of the most surprising inventions of our time. Do you think anyone ever imagined when they were developing a purely utilitarian item, that it would have the kind of universal (and vaguely ridiculous) appeal that it does?

It actually becomes a great analogy for a Brand Hijack (a la Alex Wipperfurth's book), if you think about it. Letting people take your product and love it their way - even if it's not the way you had intended - and you'll foster deeper relationships you may never have expected.


take a look at the bum downstairs by second cup, he always have some cleaver technique to get noticed... his address is 175 1/2 bloor st east btw, he even have a postbox sometimes....


Bubble wrap is also great physical therapy for a racing mind. Like meditation. A little bit of satisfying, visceral, tangible accomplishment in every tiny pop.

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