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Lee McEwan

My personal bugbear at conferences is those people who ask rambling and self-serving off-topic questions. They are the conference equivalent of spammers.

You know the ones. They are usually independent consultants and are invariably there to network rather than to listen. They take every opportunity they get to grab the microphone and lead us off on a merry tangent.

I find that most speakers (in the UK at least) are much too polite and fail to despatch them like the leeching hecklers they really are.

Anyway ... I look forward to hearing more about your research programme when you are in London next week.


Lee - It's funny, that's one of my greatest annoyances too.
I saw Frank Gehry speak once and he took questions afterwards. One of the questions was just like you describe, some wannabe architect who asked what Gehry's influences were, but managed to go on for 5 minutes dropping all the names he could to show off, with audible groans from the crowd.
When he was finally done Gehry looked down over his glasses at this guy, waited a beat, and said "Look, kid, I just like squiggly lines."
It brought down the house.

Lee McEwan

Thanks again for sparing the time to present your engagement research to us while you were over in the UK this week.

P.S. I love the photo of Millie at Breakfast on Russell's site! Where did you get that fab papoose style effort from? We really need one of those.

Neil Perkin

I totally agree with your thought about not selling but keeping it useful and entertaining. I've posted something on my blog about it too...

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