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I've heard this argument before from media critics: "You can't trust anything on the Internet--it's not like regular people actually KNOW anything!" Well, sorry Ivory Tower Dwellers, but us blue collar, truck drivin', used car fixin', bill paying, net surfin', game playin', video rentin', YouTube watchin' slugs make the world go around. Using the Internet allowed me to guide my doctors to the TWO rare genetic disorders that none of them could figure out on their own. I've also downloaded vital information to help my company manufacture better products and create a safer work environment. If someone isn't getting much out of their experience on-line, I suspect they simply lack imagination ... or good judgement.


M-m-m, is our national news mag feeling a touch testy? Maybe a little threatened? About all this issue will do is convince the remaining Luddites that they were right all along. The rest of use will continue to embrace this wonderful new media.

P.S. I cam via the nice plug at Typepad's Feature, which I read daily.

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