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Still, It seems that no one, in ad business have still understood the media revolution, that internet has gently started already, ages ago.
All professions related to Media, has to adapt in some radical way. ALL OF US from Content, Technicians, Data provider, Artists, all & Everything which flood in data pipes of the web need rethinking ...

We are still at the primary age of this revolution, but blindness due to old habits will hurt sooner.
Creativity should start now to work seriously on this brief.

I am just back from TBWA micorsite TheBigWhatAdventure :) website.
Interesting at 1st sight, but to much self oriented to actual business model.
It looks like a new product launch from TBWA, promoting some clients website.
Briefs are not even briefs> All TBWA at his advantage.

Please open eyes and forget about your ready made presskit you receive from colleagues.
LOOK at STUART from Saatchi, The art gallery, a bit too slow in term of loading, I admit, but faraway more clever tool than ever, the art gallery like no other.
Where ideas remains to their authors, and art, artists, are still respected to inspire & nourish creativity of each others, Saatchi himself. but that's all creatives are naturaly doing but not with such easy tool. hopefully it will stay free.

TBWA is an insulting joke to creative's intelligence, no more no less. Please do not knock at the "worng" door. Let's think at least twice before to jump in such bad & usual advertising behavior, again ranking creativity as the cheap glue to solve their multimillions dollars or euros clients brand.
TBWA seems not to be able to hire anymore any "creatives" then :)
but young GOGOS are everywhere. it says a lot about the situation in the agency then :) a new business model for sure :)

Creation is the only fuel which make media still interesting. Bargain on it, and you can discover fast how poor media can became, & advertising too.

I can't watch anymore the TV.
What about you?
Just tell me how soon I will have to stop to go to cinema?

PS> I have nothing against TBWA, I just make my own critic about this move. And please do not be confused with the last brilliant converse campaign where it happens on client site area, but conceive by its ad agency BSS&P

But i agree Creativity is belonging to everyone, it's just matter of usage. so a tribune for everyone creativity yes, but with it's full respect, creatives or not, pro or not, same power, same respect.

pls read>

thx and amen.

Genius is living in TBWA, for sure:), but economic one.


Interesting idea, almost a free way for TBWA to "steal" great ideas.

I much prefer GeniusRocket's version (http://www.geniusrocket.com) where I can get paid for premo content.

Thanks! great post.

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