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David Armano

What's wrong with "touch base"?

I thought we were playing baseball.


Angus Whines

Two lines I'm sick of:

"Guys, we've got a lot of heart for this (shit) idea, let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater."

"We're just down to optimisations now!" (meaning, 'we're probably at round three of 647 revisions we'll make you go through, let's get moving...')


i'll add to your list:
-'under the radar'
-people who signoff with 'best'


"Present to client" We're too busy to use articles now?

And I saw this fake Oscar Wilde quote, regarding ad people, over on uncyclopedia.org, a satiric (and occasionally funny) version of Wikipedia, yesterday:

"They know the price of everything and the added value of everything."


Immersive or Immersion
Cut thru
Media First
Easy win

I could go on all day

When I get bored. I just play Boardroom bingo. You pick three to five words. The second all have been said. You scream bingo. Had to get myself out of a few funny situations with it though

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