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Thanks for that update Jason.

Does sound fishy - if I were VW I would be happy just to have turned consideration in that market around. expectations of 30% growth in sales seems extraordinary.

CP+B had really nailed VW I felt and were building strategies and doing work that had a real chance of breaking through.


It's funny that this post comes on the same day that Adage is reporting the end of CP+B's "Man Law" campaign for Miller (http://adage.com/article?article_id=114469), a campaign that generated buzz but not sales.

In a way this VW situation doesn't seem fair, but it's understandable in a way. The VW holy safe/unpimp campaigns got a lot of people talking, and I'm sure this raised VW's expectations. But as it turns out it only achieved a moderate increase in sales. Lots of buzz, not so much sales.

A famous advertising guru came to my class once and told us all that the top priority of advertising should be to get people talking. Well, the Exxon Valdez got people talking about oil companies -- it didn't help sales.


Word on the street is that, whatever the sales results, the dealers hated the work and Kerri Martin. Rule #1 in the car biz: never think you are actually working for the car manufacturer or the consumer.

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