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Tathiana Sobroza

This is so true Jason... As a client, I'd say that we often do the same thing to the agencies.

The most important thing to remember is that, to change the world, someone must take the first step!Thanks for the inspiring post.


On a related topic, when translated from the original Latin, "Sarcasm" actually means "To Sear Flesh".

That point has stuck with me since first year English, as until I learned it I never really considered sarcasm as being malicious.

Sameer Madni

Jason, your comments in 'being nicer' really resonate. Having lived life both as a client as well as on the agency side in client servicing, I know how easy it is to become negative about the 'other side'. The most frustrating instances are when the agency's ideas make sense, but are then totally diluted by multiple (senior) client "stakeholders" who all want their comments reflected in the changes. In such instances if you're the client guy responsible for the agency relationship, you quickly personify all that's distasteful about that relationship. It's only cold comfort to think that such companies ultimately get the work they deserve, but it doesn't leave the agency feeling better about themselves - or the client.


Well put, insightful, and applicable to everyone.


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in some occassions...well in almost all the situations of the life, you have to be nice with the rest of the world, remember we live in a planet we can't abandon, so is better to learn the word nice.

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