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keri smith

ha ha! oh the great irony to all of this jason is that many years ago when i was a fledgling illustrator i packed up my tidy little portfolio and made a trip to the leo burnett agency in hopes of finding some work. i do not recall who looked at my portfolio (it's possible it was a drop off), but no work ensued.

one might consider this a great gift because in due time i was to learn that i had no interest in pursuing advertising work, but instead I would eventually focus my energy on writing books, thus illustrating my own ideas. maybe I should thank leo burnett in part for my current success.

i am greatly flattered and humbled that you look to my work for inspiration. (and also to be positioned beside miranda july, someone i greatly admire.)

thank you for the post.


That's really funny. Thanks for sharing that story. Happy to have inadvertently made things come full circle in some small way.

As someone who can never stick with journaling as much as I'd like to, I'm really looking forward to reading (and wrecking) Wreck This Journal. Keep doing what you're doing. It's delightful and inspiring in equal measure. And the world is the better for it.


I too am a fan of Keri Smith and found you via the Wish Jar. It's refreshing to see a fancy schmanzy ad agency blogging. Keep doing what you're doing. And thanks for introducing me to Miranda.


Yay, Keri!

And to all the other radically creative people around the globe.

Wreck On!!! hee!


well reading this made my snowy white April morning interesting in an unexpected way

I usually start my day with a visit to the wish jar

bring me more of this kind of unexpected

xox - eb.

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