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Charles Frith

I'm glad you've tackled this and it's a post that I want to spend some time thinking about before responding. However you may want to join in with a similar post on Nigel Hollis' excellent blog for Millward Brown. Comments are still open.



Hi Jason. Maybe you could try this link if the other one was cropped short.


Paul McEnany

Great, great stuff, Jason. I wish I had more to say, but I agree with just about everything you said...

vanessa from SLC

Everything you have here is pretty accurate, but I wonder if you have thought about including a discussion of what it is possible to get from pre-testing, like a feel for people's initial impression. Their reactions may not predict the ad's effect on their future behavior, but may give you a yay or nay as to whether you've hit the "buttons" you were aiming for.

John Dawson

I posted this on Nigel's blog - thought you'd like to see the comments also:

Surely the benefits of pre-testing also encompass another set of goals:
1) provide due diligence - i.e. if my organisation is going to spend $3m on creative then i want to know that of all the ideas we've gone with, there is some 3rd party justification for the one we picked
2) When people argue against pre-testing and point to results which suggest little or no linkage with sales performance, they often neglect to mention that for each piece of copy which ran having been pre-tested, there are some pieces which never ran because the pre-testing was poor (do you have any numbers on this Nigel?)
3) If the IPA study showed a negative relationship between use of pretesting and IPA effectiveness wins it may also mean that these "amazing" campaigns were so obviously good that there was no need for pre-testing. It's certainly not a "scientific" conclusion.

Charles Frith

That's a good point by Vanessa. It would be just another polarised debate if it goes all binary - Advertising good, pretesting bad. As I've pointed out on Nigels blog when he originally posted.

"rather than say the methodology is no good, I’d be more inclined to ask, what are the advantages of this process against the disadvantages"

My instincts and experience do however tell me a vastly trimmed back role for research in pretesting. More a case of advising what not to do than what to do. Which is my general position on the value of research.

fredrik sarnblad

Excellent post on an ever-relevant topic. You make some great points here. My view on pre-testing (unashamedly secptical) can be found here:


Harshal Gajria

There are 2 discrete viewpoints on this excellent post that seldom gets discussed; At a few large spending clients (who are also excellent practioners of the marketing craft), the carte blanche to over-ride the results resides with the office of the marketing director.

First, are we not fostering enough confidence in the work, by getting clients to invest disproportionately in exploratory, qualitative work prior to the briefing process? Are the fundamental questions of "why are we advertising", "who are we talking to" & "what will we say" not being adequately answered? The dated USP approach does not allow for an accurate understanding of the role the brand will play in the consumer's life; in essence, determining the engagement levels.

Secondly, as agency business's proliferate, are we not able to engage with our clients at the highest possible levels? After all, the very same executive suite that does have carete blanche is not the one that's working directly to define the strategic problem (well, not all the time)

K. Wallraven

Very interesting thoughts! At the moment, I am writing about the pitfalls of pre-testing. Could you please tell me, where exactly the following quote is from (Website or Journal, number, etc...):

"The Advertising Research Foundation itself (the industry body of market research in the US) said last year "For the most part, there's been no wide scale significant innovation in copy testing and tracking (except maybe data collection methods) in 50 years."

Many thanks,

K. Wallraven

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Advertising research is a specialized form of marketing research conducted to improve the efficiency of advertising. According to MarketConscious.com, “It may focus on a specific ad or campaign, or may be directed at a more general understanding of how advertising works or how consumers use the information in advertising. It can entail a variety of research approaches, including psychological, sociological, economic, and other perspectives.

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Very interesting thoughts! At the moment, I am writing about the pitfalls of pre-testing.

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First, are we not fostering enough confidence in the work, by getting clients to invest disproportionately in exploratory

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Everything you have here is pretty accurate, but I wonder if you have thought about including a discussion of what it is possible to get from pre-testing

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