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Hi, Jason! Thanks so much for the kudos! I totally agree - there is something very interesting going on here in Canada; we are really starting to make an impact on the global advertising scene. Am so glad that Leo Burnett is making such a great contribution!

Michael Seaton

Thanks for the shout out Jason.

Happy Canada Day!

Geoff Teehan

Having judged the Cyber Lions this year (which I'm only now recovering from) I saw a ton of great work coming out of Canada. Some of it brought home awards but there were quite a few in the shortlist as well. More interestingly though, were conversations with fellow jury members from around the world who also recognized the great Canadian work, sometimes not realizing it was, in fact, Canadian. It wasn't so much that great work wasn't coming out of Canada, it was that many were unaware that the work was Canadian. I can't say I was all that surprised that people didn't recognize the origin of all great work - I certainly couldn't.

Sean Moffitt


Thanks for the plaudits, we still do have to grab that chat about our role of commanding the future brand world operating out of Toronto (were you going to be take on Asia or was that me) :).

I agree that we're starting to see a mini-Can-Con revival in our part of the world Canada - the rules of the new conversation economy play well to our strengths of seeking out world viewpoints, collaboration and squeezing productivity and impact out of less.

Now if we could only get a few more Jim Balsilies to broadcast our triumphs and stop wanted to be norther versiosn of NY, LA, Sillicon valley or Chicago we'd be set.

Belatedly, Happy Canada Day back...
Sean "Buzz Canuck" Moffitt


I also think of flickr, istockphoto, freshbooks etc..

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