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Two things I think are interesting:

1. I was friends with people based on geography. I had work friends, I had school friends. I had friends from my hometown. Today's teens won't ever have had that restriction, thus, will never experience this moment you had and I had. Not sure the implications of that except we should understand it.

2. Audio. If you think Second Life and World of Warcraft are social networks that work because of anonymity, then voice changes it. Voice is really personal in the opposite was that this post is impersonal.

We just presented creative meant for 17 year olds. And we made some of these points this morning.


There is effect with my internet geek friends, but my friends and family who mostly aren't into internet socialization I have to constantly play catch up and then I have to define a lot of my most basic interactive activity.

I have to switch languages constantly. It must be like living in Montreal.

home security systems

One thing that people love to do is to hide a spare house key somewhere around their house or yard.

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