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Mike Arauz

Yeah, isn't Sir Ken Robinson incredible? I had the pleasure of meeting him at a salon here in New York couple years ago. Definitely one of the more inspiring people I've ever met.

El Gaffney

almost all of them seem to have the two first name thing going on if you take the s off of mark's last name.

great meeting you jason and best of luck changing it from the inside out. i, for one, am hopeful (but also don't think we'll have a choice soon enough - change or bye is little less harsh that innovat8 or die).


I totally agree about how the most interesting planners were those who left agencies. It really remains to be seen whether we (agency planners) are able to evolve the agency culture or are forced to leave it behind. I sensed mixed feelings of inspiration to change their agency vs. professional wanderlust!

business alarms

It is the application of such technology that still holds many undiscovered gems.

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