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Douglas Walker

Interesting thoughts, Angus.

Personally I don't think it has anything to do with the quality of their research on the audience. In fact just the opposite.

To me Colbert and Stewart are the best example of the Hughism (Of Gaping Void) "Stay ahead of the culture by creating the culture".

Why some content succeeds in generating attention and advertising so often fails is that content like theirs leads the culture, takes a stand and delivers value - advertising rarely does.

Whenever marketers (read: old people) look at their research and try to speak or act young they look foolish. However, when they act like grown ups with something interesting and relevant to say to the audience, respect the intelligence of their audience and have fun - younger people pay attention.

In my opinion the biggest sin in dealing with a younger audience is to talk down to them and to research attitudes and then try to reflect them back is the height of inauthenticity.

Jason Oke

Agree, Douglas - they succeed by being completely themselves rather than chasing their audience or trying to be "insightful." Brands could learn a lot from that. Well said.

Angus - I love that you said "youngsters"... it makes you sound like you're 80.

Mhairi  Petrovic

Its the tongue in cheek humour that gets me - its amazing what Colbert gets away with. Without traditional media, i.e. TV the would be no viral message forum.
An internet marketing strategy should be a marriage of both traditional and new methods.

Angus Gastle

Douglas: Interesting point. Authenticity is definitely a major stumbling point for many brands when they try to entertain with one hand and sell with the other.

The only brand I can think of that has amassed a cult following of similar stature to the popular pundits’ (Colbert & Stewart) is Apple. Their “macophile” culture has been great for the tech company as these Mac fans are the best word of mouth campaign Apple could ever hope for.

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