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Yousuf Rangoonwala

Sad, the words "customer", "consumer", "common people" aren't there... aren't they who advertising is supposed to be for?


quite discouraging!
a few words that my friends (IT Professionals worldwide) associate the term "advertising" spontaneously with...
"Boring", "Pack of lies", "Sad", "Meaningless""an assault on senses", 'switch off"....
Nothing can exceed such a pitiable situation, when highly revered Brand communications field fails to make a connect with its consumers,,i.e. the TG, consumers? fails to entertain them with brand stories within a few seconds' attention that was granted?
truly sad.


very interesting study conducted by the two gentlemen. I found it very interesting to note the way people perceive advertising.

fredrik sarnblad

Where are the positive associations? There probably weren't any, were there!? Are we really this bad as an industry that people don't associate advertising with anything entertaining/interesting?

Many are reluctant to admit that advertising affects their choices and consumption behaviour; they feel this is the same thing as saying that someone else is in control. However, if people really believed that advertising didn't have any effect what so ever [be it consciously or subconsciously], I don't think people's associations would be as negative as those in the chart above. I think most people at some level know/feel advertising [the good stuff] works. And this is one of the reasons why people are so skeptical towards it. Another, perhaps, would be the annoying interuption a lot of advertising contribute to in our daily lives.

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