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I think "I'm a PC" is brilliant.

For the first time, it puts a human face(race?) to the platform/brand that is radiacally different from Apple's non-hip bloatware man depiction.

It succeeds in making me feel that Apple is the elitist one here - not Microsoft.

Personally I would have book-ended the bloatware man - just to drive home the point a little harder.



I too loved the I'm a PC ad although I think it makes Apple look like it lacks substance rather than elitist. It's very clever repositioning of Apple and really plays on anti Apple people's 'problem' with the brand.

Adrian Chang

The "I am a PC" was a great way for Microsoft to enter the conversation started by Apple.

It will be interesting to see if Apple counters this ad (adding to the conversation), or just completely ignores it and continues on with their elitist Mac vs PC spots.

Although... I haven't seen a new Apple commercial in a while...

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