I snuck in!


just thinking: maybe feedburner would be a good yardstick, rather than bloglines?


Jason Oke

I'd rather use Feedburner but I don't think their stats are publicly available. That is, with bloglines I can see how many subscribers you have, but with feedburner I can't unless you choose to publish that little widget on your blog (see below & to the right). And because not everyone does that I can't track it the same way for everyone.
I'm open to suggestions though if anyone has ideas for how to do it better...

Ed Lee

and not everyone has a feedburner feed - i only just added mine...

thanks for sneaking me onto the list, although I feel a complete fraud in such illustrious company.


maggie fox

Wow - I had no idea. I am in excellent company!

Colin McKay

Thanks for doing this, Jason.
Anything that helps us discover other Canadian blogs is always a help!

Mark Goren

Pretty cool, great company, thanks for throwing this together!

Eric Eggertson

Cool. There's a few blogs here that I haven't stumbled upon in my travels . Have to check them out!

Sean Moffitt pulled together a similar list last year that was pretty subjective, but captured most of the noteable blogs in the marketing/media/PR field:


Wow, awesome Jason, thanks for doing this! I like the formula though it would be nice to get a broader perspective than Bloglines. Maybe we should all do that little feedburner thing.

Also, if I were graphically inclined, I would totally do a logo, but alas - not so. Mack's is pretty cool. Maybe we could just steal it and colour it red :)


Not sure if I qualify, but if so, this is one list that I would be awfully proud to be on...

Scott Weisbrod

Jason! You beat me to the punch by over a month on this! I just posted the top 30 Canadian marketing and advertising blogs yesterday, based on the AdAge Power 150 - and today I come across this page on your blog. I even used the same language - "without further ado". Yikes.

Anyhow - I'll be relocating to Toronto in October. Would love to hook up for coffee.

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